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It's Morning Again in America. That's the optimistic message Ronald Reagan proclaimed when he moved this country in new, positive directions: Conservative directions, based on principles of limited government, prudent fiscal policies, and core values of freedom, family, and individual responsibility that produced one of the brightest eras in our country's history.

In contrast, today's politics are based on hollow promises of change and renewal, even as it becomes increasingly clear that our country and our state are headed in the wrong direction if not for outright disaster.

But, America is waking up. The question is: when morning comes again, will conservatives be ready to lead? And will they be able to sustain their leadership through more than one or two election cycles?

That's why The Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute has been organized to identify, recruit, and train individuals from throughout our state to bring back principled, effective government and sustain it for a future that all of us can believe in.

The Institute is dedicated to the legacy of the late Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, a close ally and supporter of President Reagan. Jennifer Dunn made history by becoming the highest ranking woman in congressional leadership in the 90's, and she earned the love and respect of her constituents and all who worked with her without regard to party or ideology.

Jennifer Dunn personifies the kind of leaders the Institute seeks to develop: bright, energetic, politically savvy, and values-driven to sustain effective governance over the long term. Find out how YOU CAN HELP become a part of this exciting new pathway to sustainable conservative leadership by clicking here or contact us.


Record Number of JDLI Alumni Win Their 2012 Primaries
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The Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute is proud to announce three new Board Members on 7/1/2011.
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Reagan Dunn on Kirby Wilbur 8/28/09:


Reagan Dunn, Honorary Co-Chair
Maple Valley
Rob McKenna, Honorary Co-Chair
Rep. Kevin Parker, Chair, Spokane
April Chapman, Vice Chair, Bellevue
Don Skillman,
Secretary-Treasurer, Bellevue
Catherine Brazil, Spokane
Franz W. Gregory, Redmond
Sen. Bruce Dammeier, Puyallup
Lisa Labrache, Issaquah


For a listing of Advisory Council members, click here.


430 N. Pine Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926